SRE: Youth Religious Education

✟ Mission Statement

We are all created in the image and likeness of God. Believing this, the mission of the Office of Religious Education is to bring the Good News of Jesus to the hearts and minds of the young people in our parish community.

Our mission is accomplished by offering assistance to the parents of our younger members through religious education, retreat work, parent meetings, youth group, service projects as well as preparation for the sacraments. We endeavor to help our children to see and appreciate their own beauty and importance, as children made in the image and likeness of God, and encourage them to appreciate those same gifts in everyone.

✟ Our Aim

In accordance with diocesan guidelines our aim is to offer children in our parish who attend public schools thirty hours of formal education as well as other opportunities to develop their faith and become involved in the Christian community. This formal education includes information pertinent to various aspects of Christian belief particular to the Catholic tradition. We see these thirty hours as an extension of the parents' responsibility who are the primary teachers of their children. In addition to the formal education offered, we also assist the parents through parent meetings, in particular, preparation for the sacraments.

Contact: Debbie Holt, Director of Religious Education 717-334-4221.
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