St. Francis Xavier Newsletter

"There are no strangers here. Aqui no hay extranjeros!"

Xavier News, the Parish Newsletter, is a quarterly publication which explores the activities of the parish for the last quarter, as well as providing parishioners with information on parish activities and events for the upcoming quarter.

The newsletter is published in Spring (Lent/Easter), Summer, Fall and Winter (Advent/
Christmas). The current issue is pictured on the right and can be viewed and/or downloaded on the far right.

Our contributors include Fr. Mitzel, Michele Behan, Joanne Garnett, Ashley Andyshak Hayes, Alex Hayes, Debbie Holt, Marcie Marquez, Randy Parmentier. The chairs of the various mission areas also provide inut into the newsletter. This group is also assisted by the chairs of several parish missions in provising quarterly articles of their activities. Those mission and program areas which always have a column are Finance, SFX School, Youth Ministry, SRE.

We are always looking for parishioners who have an interest in writing to help with stories and ideas for new stories or interest areas. If you are involved in a parish mission and would like to see your event in the Newsletter, or share photos of past events, please contact us and we will be happy to spread the word!


Randy Parmentier
717 334-3415


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