"I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me a drink..."

-- Matthew 25:35

Gettysburg Community Soup Kitchen

"Serving Meals With Love..."

"Peace House" 22 West High St., Gettysburg

The Gettysburg Community Soup Kitchen, located at 22 West High Street, Gettysburg (in the former SFX rectory), is a caring, 501(c)(3), non-profit organization which is supported by Saint Francis Xavier Church along with nearly 50 other churches and many organizations and businesses in the Gettysburg area. We serve free mid-day meals to the needy and lonely members of our community seven days a week -- including all holidays.

On a typical day, we provide meals to as many as 70 men, women and children in the area. The Soup Kitchen also participates in other programs to improve the physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing of our guests, including the issuance of vouchers to individuals in order to secure emergency supplies of food.

Director Jan Guillory

History and Background

The Soup Kitchen opened its doors on October 1, 1991 as an outreach project of the Prince of Peace Episcopal Church, and has grown in support and activity over the years. It later incorporated and became known as the Gettysburg Community Soup Kitchen, operating under the direction of a Board of Directors with representatives from the several downtown churches.

We appreciate the financial support we receive from our participating churches, as well as from many Adams County organizations and individuals.

Donations of food comes from members of participating churches, from the Bag-the-Bounty food drives, and from local food markets.

Fresh fruits and vegetables to improve the nutrition and health of our guests come seasonally from the Adams County Gleaners, local farmers and markets, as well as home gardeners. Feel free to view our "Wish List" here.

As a participating church, Saint Francis Xavier provides financial support from special Soup Kitchen and periodic tithing collections. In addition, groups of parishioners, including our youth group, take the responsibility of assembling, cooking and serving meals on several scheduled days each month.

Parishioners interested in participating can contact one of the coordinators (Susan Collinge, Connie Canute, Louise Mains and Kim Reiner.)

St. Francis is represented on the Board of Directors by Dick Backe, 717-334-0186, Email: rjbacke@comcast.net